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2011-02-12 04:08:32 by bored2

If you want me to do any jimmy&frank idea's please contact me at facebook
Username: Grape fate
If you have a mocospace
Username: th1s.guy2
If you have a youtube
Username: lolkewlbeans

If you have a twitter please follow me
Username: drakeisawesome2

If you have any idea's for me please tell me what they are

Now please enjoy gir watching you read this :D


How to find me

2011-02-11 17:42:50 by bored2

That's my facebook profile to find me:grape fate is

This is my twitter profile. drakeisawesome2

This is my mocospace profile. th1s.guy2

This is my youtube profile : lolkewlbeans

If you enjoy my art work please rate

and please enjoy this cat photo i have taken

How to find me